Dear Colleagues,

Cluj Napoca, the “Capital of Transylvania” is highly honored to be hosting the 3rd Congress of the Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society. It goes without saying that this event, through its scientific amplitude and caliber will be the most important neurosurgical scientific event ever to take place in our City.

Choosing Cluj as the place to organize this Congress has been a decision purposefully thought-out, as there have been a series of other regional and international scientific manifestations taking place here, such as the first two editions of the Carpato-Danubian Congress – Controversies in Neurosurgery.

Moreover, it was also here in Cluj-Napoca where we had one of the first discussions about a future regional organization which would be representative for the countries in our geographic area.

Our dream took shape as a result of the remarkable efforts of several enthusiastic and authentic road-openers such as our friends Lukas Rasulic, Kresimir Rotim, Tomislav Sajko, Feridun Acar, Ishan Solaroglu as well as many other leaders of their national societies which have brought their extraordinary contribution and experience to the continuous growth and development of our Society.

Being transformed from a mere dream into an actual reality, nowadays SeENS is being considered as one of the most active regional societies, recognized member of WFNS, thoroughly involved in developing regional networks, scientific and professional cooperation, but especially dedicated to the education of new generations of neurosurgeons.

Having reached our third Congress, we want to express our most sincere desire of attaining a broad international attendance, where alongside many of our colleagues we will obtain the participation of renowned world leaders in neurosurgery. Together we wish to bring our contribution to the constant development of neurosurgery on a regional and international level.

We are awaiting you with warmth and our utmost hospitality and we promise to do our best to create optimal conditions for an unique scientific event. When we say “unique” we mean both professionally but just as important socially, because beyond the formal aspects, cooperation and development are the result of interpersonal networks, that we are confident we will exponentially multiply on the occasion of our Congress.


Florian Ioan-Stefan, M.D, PhD

of the Congress